Since 1945 “The batch from scratch …. 70 years of quality baking.”

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COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 has kept us all away from a lot of people, places, and foods we love. Jeannie’s Cakes appreciates all businesses, small business owners, frontline workers, and flight attendants ✨We are doing our part in donating our delicious cakes for you to enjoy. Thank you for taking care of us when we need you!

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Your Personal Cake !

Your Mini cakes are the perfect size! Its better than a slice of cake! You get to enjoy the full amount of glaze every bite of the way. Our specialty cakes are baked to perfection so a fork isn't necessary to enjoy our cakes.

You can just hold it in one hand and bite in without crumbles.

Moist & Fluffy !

We use the freshest ingredients and bake our cakes with precision and care. We hope to bring as much joy to your table as Jeannie brought to ours.

Party Must Have!

Our mini cakes are for the perfect occasion.